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Cuticle Nippers Nippon Nippers N-08-10

Cuticle Nippers Nippon Nippers N-08-10

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N-08-10: Cuticle Nippers with handles of medium length. Moderately thick handles smoothly move into the joint, without additional protrusions, so that the tool is very comfortable in hand, which in combination with the low slope of the cutting blades ensures the most comfortable operation of the nippers. The tool is sharpened and fully ready for use. The nippers are made of stainless steel hardened to a strength of 53-55 HRC. Designed for professional use, they can be subjected to all types of sanitary treatment.

  • Jaw: 10 mm.
  • The low level of tilt of the cutting blade (low "heel")
  • Double spring
  • Hand made sharpening
  • Japanese steel
  • Mirror finish
  • Length: 110 mm.

Manufactured in Vietnam. Hand-sharpened in Russia.
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