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Cuticle scissors Nippon Nippers S-01

Cuticle scissors Nippon Nippers S-01

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S-01: Scissors with large oval rings. One of the most common and convenient modifications. Exclusive hand made sharpening, sharp thin blades, carefully adjusted stroke. The matte anti-glare surface protects the eyes during long-term operation. The tool is made of Japanese steel, after quenching it has a strength of 53 HRC. The scissors are intended for professional use and can be subjected to all types of sanitary treatment.

All work on turning the correct shape of the blades, sharpening and processing the blades is done exclusively by hand, so the tools may differ slightly in the length of the blade.

  • Length: 96 mm
  • Hand made sharpening
  • Japanese steel
  • Professional adjustment
  • Matte finish

Production: Vietnam.
Sharpening and adjustment: Russia.
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